Allergies and Nutrition

-  Please check with staff if you suffer from any allergies from our menu before placing any order. 
-  Our products may contain traces of nuts. 
-  We have procedures in place to avoid cross contamination for gluten and vegan pizza orders, however we do not have a separate dedicated prep area for these orders nevertheless our store will do their utmost to minimise cross contamination.
-  Your order will be made with the most care but due to the nature of the business we do handle meat which may contain bones. 
-  Our store makes pizza dough fresh daily on site, consistency is key but at times sizes of the base may vary. 
-  Please ask for delivery charges if any will be added to order depending on mileage. 
-  Minimum delivery is £10, side orders will only be delivered when purchased with a pizza.  


-  Deals on leaflet are only available for delivery not collection or takeaway.
-  The family pack, the single pack and for 2 slice guys deal will be available in store at set collection price pizza. All products are subject to availability.
-  Set deals are not be changed.
-  Stuffed crusts are not available with any deal.
-  Gluten and vegan free pizzas are not valid with any deal.
-  Please mention if ordering a deal or full single itemised price will be charged.
-  No deal to be used in conjunction with other deals.
-  Stuffed crust will incur a cost along with extra toppings if chosen.
-  All deals can be withdrawn without any prior notice.
-  Slice Guys reserves the right to use customer details stored for marketing or promotional offers.
-  Majority cards accepted.
-  No more than £10 carried in change with delivery drivers at any time.
-  We do not accept cheques.
-  Payment card(s) should be produced for verification purposes only.


-  The official website for Slice Guys UK is www.sliceguys.co.uk, we do not have any other website platform.
-  We may offer our services on third party delivery apps and websites however those are separate platforms and no way connected to the content we place on our official website platform.
-  When browsing our website, if you encounter any bugs or issues with your user experience, please report it to the Slice Guys team, information can be found on the Contact page.
-  Our Instagram feed is connected via an external API.
-  Our reviews are static review copies taken from our official Google Business reviews section.
-  Our menu deals on the home page are updated manually.
-  If you click on our menu deals from the home page, it will redirect you to our order portal where you will see other menu items as well as the deals. It will not add the item to your cart.

Order and Delivery

-  Our website is updated on a regular basis however there may be times where we haven’t updated menu item details or price of an item.
-  If you make an order and it contains a menu item that has outdated or incorrect information, our team will get in contact with you using your contact details to give you valid information on your order that may not be seen on the website.
-  Our website is not for collection orders, please contact us via phone to make a collection order.
-  When you sign up to our website, it is purely on the basis of ordering from the website.
-  We may use your contact details to send promotional offers and content related to our business.
-  A user account is only required when checking out to make an order.
-  You can still browse the website even if you don’t have an account set up with us.
-  We use your contact details mainly to contact you about an order or delivery.
-  We use a third party payment provider to handle our online payments.
-  If you have any issue with your payment, please contact our team and we can assist you further on what to do.
-  If the cause of the issue is unfound, please get in contact with your card provider or bank to resolve this for you.
-  When making an order, you will be updated via the ‘Notifications’ page on the status of your delivery.
-  We update the status manually, there may be times we haven’t updated, if you need more information on the status, please call us, information can be found on the Contact page.
-  You will be asked to fill out your address when making an order, if there are any errors on your address, we will not be held liable for the failure of delivery. It is your duty as the user to make sure you give the correct contact and address details.
-  When you checkout an order and pay with a card, you will be asked to enter your card details.
-  When you check out an order and pay with cash, you may be contacted by a member of our team to validate your order. If we can’t get hold of you, we will discard the order, we do this to avoid false accounts and false orders.
-  To see information about our privacy policy, please visit our Privacy Policy page (found in the footer of the website).